Tue, Oct 4, 2022

by itsbalal

Writings Public Roadmap

These are the features that are planned for development in the upcoming 6 months:

  1. Social Publishing - a flow that enables users to publish on Twitter, Medium, LinkedIn, etc. easily from Writings. // beginning of October 2022
  2. Fillins - outlining and structuring templates that support the user in creating specific content (i.e. Cover Letter or Journaling log). // middle October 2022
  3. Analytics - detailed overview of the writing and sharing activities of a user in a specific time frame; emphasize notifications to support specific streak or goal; //mid-November 2022
  4. Blog - availability for the user to organize their writing under one public profile in the form of a micro-blog; // beginning December 2022
  5. Article Thread Breakdown - AI-supported article converter to a Twitter thread; middle December 2022
  6. Paid Plan - eo2022

Do you have an idea to be built for Writings? Send it over at hello at with a short description and the value that it brings and I will consider it!


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